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Part Number: 3046

Homeland Security Acquisition Regulations

3046.790-4 Waiver (USCG).

3046.790-4 Waiver (USCG).

(a) The Secretary of Homeland Security may waive the requirement for a warranty for USCG major system acquisitions when the waiver is in the interest of national defense or if the warranty obtained would not be cost beneficial. A waiver may be granted provided that the Committees on Appropriations of the Senate and the House of Representatives, the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation of the Senate, and the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries of the House of Representatives are notified, in writing, of the Secretary's intention to waive the warranty requirements and the reasons supporting such a determination, prior to granting the waiver.

The request for Secretarial waiver shall include, as a minimum:

(1) A brief description of the major system and its stage of production (e.g., the number of units delivered and anticipated to be delivered during the life of the program);

(2) The specific waiver requested, the duration of the waiver if it is to involve more than one contract, and the rationale for the waiver; and

(3) All documentation supporting the request for waiver, such as a cost-benefit analysis.

(b) The waiver request shall be forwarded to the Secretary, via the CPO. The USCG shall maintain a written record of each waiver granted and the Congressional notification and report made, together with supporting documentation.