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Part Number: 3046

Homeland Security Acquisition Regulations

3046.790-3 Policy (USCG).

3046.790-3 Policy (USCG).

(a) Major Systems. The use of warranties by the USCG in the procurement of major systems valued at $10,000,000 or higher is mandatory, unless waived (see (HSAR) 48 CFR 3046.790–4).

(b) Any warranty on major system acquisitions shall not apply in the case of any system or component thereof which has been furnished by the Government to a contractor except as indicated in paragraph (c)(4) of this section.

(c) When drafting warranty provisions/clauses for major systems acquisitions, the contracting officer shall ensure that the items listed at the Homeland Security Acquisition Manual (HSAM) Chapter 3046 have been considered. The warranty shall also meet the following requirements:

(1) For systems or components that are commercially available, such warranty as is normally provided by the manufacturer or supplier shall be obtained in accordance with (FAR) 48 CFR 46.703(d) and 46.710(b)(2).

(2) For systems or components provided in accordance with either design and manufacturing or performance requirements as specified in the contract or any modification to that contract, a warranty of compliance with the stated requirements shall be obtained.

(3) Any warranty obtained shall specifically exclude coverage for combat damage.

(4) A contractor for a major systems acquisition shall not be required to provide the warranties specified in this section on any property furnished to that contractor by the Government except for defects in installation.