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Part Number: 3052

Homeland Security Acquisition Regulations

3052.247-70 F.o.b. origin information.

3052.247-70 F.o.b. origin information.

As prescribed in (HSAR) 48 CFR 3047.305–70(a), insert the following provision:

F.O.B. Origin Information (DEC 2003)

The offeror shall furnish information with the offer:

(a) Location of the offeror's actual shipping point(s) (street address, city, state, and zip code) from which supplies will be delivered to the Government;

(b) Whether the offered shipping point has a private railroad siding, and the name of the rail carrier serving it;

(c) When the offered shipping point does not have a private siding, the names and addresses of the nearest public rail siding and of the carrier serving it; and

(d) The quantity of supplies to be shipped from each shipping point.

(End of provision)

Alternate I (DEC 2003). If delivery is “f.o.b. origin, contractor's facility,” and the designated facility is not covered by the line-haul transportation rate, add the following paragraph to the basic provision:

(e) The charges required to deliver the shipment to the point where the line-haul rate is applicable.

Alternate II (DEC 2003). When delivery is “f.o.b. origin, freight allowed,” add the following paragraph to the basic provision:

(e) The basis on which transportation charges will be allowed, including the origin and destination from and to which transportation charges will be allowed.