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Part Number: 3046

Homeland Security Acquisition Regulations

3046.791-2 Tailoring warranty terms and conditions (USCG).

3046.791-2 Tailoring warranty terms and conditions (USCG).

(a) As the objectives and circumstances vary considerably among major systems acquisition programs, contracting officers shall appropriately tailor the warranty on a case-by-case basis, including remedies, exclusions, limitations and durations, provided the tailoring is consistent with the specific requirements of this subpart and (FAR) 48 CFR 46.706.

(b) Contracting officers of major systems acquisitions may exclude from the terms of the warranty certain defects for specified supplies (exclusions) and may limit the contractor's liability under the terms of the warranty (limitations), as appropriate, if necessary to derive a cost-effective warranty in light of the technical risk, contractor financial risk, or other program uncertainties.

(c) Contracting officers are encouraged to structure a broader and more comprehensive warranty where such is advantageous. Likewise, the contracting officer may narrow the scope of a warranty when appropriate (e.g., where it would be inequitable to require a warranty of all performance requirements because a contractor had not designed the system).

(d) Contracting officers shall not include in a warranty clause any terms that require the contractor to incur liability for loss, damage, or injury to third parties.