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Part Number: 2152

Life Insurance Federal Acquisition Regulations

2152.370 Use of the matrix.

(a) The matrix in this section lists the FAR and LIFAR clauses to be used with the FEGLI Program contract. The clauses are to be incorporated in the contract in full text.

(b) Certain contract clauses are mandatory for FEGLI Program contracts. Other clauses are to be used only when made applicable by pertinent sections of the FAR or LIFAR. An “M” in the “Use Status” column indicates that the clause is mandatory. An “A” indicates that the clause is to be used only when the applicable conditions are met.

FEGLI Program Clause Matrix
Clause No. Text reference Title Use status
FAR 52.202-1 FAR 2.201 Definitions M
FAR 52.203-3 FAR 3.202 Gratuities M
FAR 52.203-5 FAR 3.404 Covenant against Contingent Fees M
FAR 52.203-6 FAR 3.503-2 Restrictions on Subcontractor Sales to the Government M
FAR 52.203-7 FAR 3.502-3 Anti-Kickback Procedures M
FAR 52.203-12 FAR 3.808 Limitation on Payments to Influence Certain Federal Transactions M
2152.203-70 2103.571 Misleading, deceptive, or unfair advertising M
2152.204-70 2104.9001 Taxpayer Identification Number M
FAR 52.209-6 FAR 9.409(b) Protecting the Government's Interest when Subcontracting with Contractors Debarred, Suspended, or Proposed for Debarment M
2152.209-71 2109.409(b) Certification regarding debarment, suspension, proposed debarment and other responsibility matters M
2152.210-70 2110.7004(a) Investment income M
2152.210-71 2110.7004(b) Notice of significant events M
FAR 52.215-2 FAR 15.209(b) Audit and Records - Negotiation M
FAR 52.215-10 FAR 15.408(b) Price Reduction for Defective Cost or Pricing Data M
FAR 52.215-12 FAR 15.408(d) Subcontractor Cost or Pricing Data M
FAR 52.215-15 FAR 15.408(g) Pension Adjustments and Asset Reversions M
FAR 52.215-16 FAR 15.408(h) Facilities Capital Cost of Money M
FAR 52.215-17 FAR 15.408(i) Waiver of Facilities Capital Cost of Money A
FAR 52.215-18 FAR 15.408(j) Reversion or Adjustment of Plans for Postretirement Benefits (PRB) other than Pensions A
2152.215-70 2115.071 Contractor records retention M
2152.216-70 2116.270-1(a) Fixed price with limited cost redetermination - risk charge A
2152.216-71 2116.270-1(b) Fixed price with limited cost redetermination - service charge A
FAR 52.219-8 FAR 19.708(a) Utilization of Small Business Concerns M
FAR 52.222-1 FAR 22.103-5(a) Notice to the Government of Labor Disputes M
FAR 52.222-3 FAR 22.202 Convict Labor M
FAR 52.222-4 FAR 22.305 Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act - Overtime Compensation M
FAR 52.222-21 FAR 22.810(a)(1) Prohibition of Segregated Facilities M
FAR 52.222-22 FAR 22.810(a)(2) Previous Contracts and Compliance Reports M
FAR 52.222-25 FAR 22.810(d) Affirmative Action Compliance M
FAR 52.222-26 FAR 22.810(e) Equal Opportunity M
FAR 52.222-29 FAR 22.810(g) Notification of Visa Denial A
FAR 52.222-35 FAR 22.1310(a)(1) Equal Opportunity for Special Disabled Veterans, Veterans of the Vietnam Era, and Other Eligible Veterans M
FAR 52.222-36 FAR 22.1408(a) Affirmative Action for Workers with Disabilities M
FAR 52.222-37 FAR 22.1310(b) Employment Reports on Special Disabled Veterans, Veterans of the Vietnam Era, and Other Eligible Veterans M
FAR 52.223-6 FAR 23.505 Drug-Free Workplace M
2152.224-70 2124.104-70 Confidentiality of records M
FAR 52.227-1 FAR 27.201-2(a) Authorization and Consent M
FAR 52.227-2 FAR 27.202-2 Notice and Assistance regarding Patent and Copyright Infringement A
FAR 52.228-7 FAR 28.311-1 Insurance - Liability to Third Persons M
2152.231-70 2131.270 Accounting and allowable cost M
FAR 52.232-9 FAR 32.111(c)(2) Limitation on Withholding of Payments M
FAR 52.232-17 FAR 32.617(a) and (b) Interest M
FAR 52.232-23 FAR 32.806(a)(1) Assignment of Claims A
FAR 52.232-33 FAR 32.1110(a)(1) Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer - Central Contractor Registration M
2152.232-70 2132.171 Payments M
2152.232-71 2132.772 Non-commingling of FEGLI Program funds M
2152.232-72 2132.806 Approval for assignment of claims M
FAR 52.233-1 FAR 33.215 Disputes (Alternate I) M
2152.237-70 2137.110 Continuity of services M
FAR 52.242-1 FAR 42.802 Notice of Intent to Disallow Costs M
FAR 52.242-3 FAR 42.709-6 Penalties for Unallowable Costs M
FAR 52.242-13 FAR 42.903 Bankruptcy M
2152.243-70 2143.205 Changes M
FAR 52.244-5 FAR 44.204(c) Competition in Subcontracting M
2152.244-70 2144.204 Subcontracts M
FAR 52.245-2 FAR 45.106(b)(1) Government Property (Fixed-Price Contracts) M
FAR 52.246-4 FAR 46.304 Inspection of Services - Fixed Price M
FAR 52.246-25 FAR 46.805 Limitation of Liability - Services M
2152.246-70 2146.270-1 Quality assurance requirements M
FAR 52.247-63 FAR 47.405 Preference for U.S.-Flag Air Carriers M
FAR 52.249-2 FAR 49.502(b)(1)(i) Termination for Convenience of the Government (Fixed-Price) M
FAR 52.249-8 FAR 49.504(a)(1) Default (Fixed Price Supply and Service) M
FAR 52.249-14 FAR 49.505(d) Excusable Delays M
2152.249-70 2149.505-70 Renewal and termination M
FAR 52.251-1 FAR 51.107 Government Supply Sources A
FAR 52.252-4 FAR 52.107(d) Alterations in Contract M
FAR 52.252-6 FAR 52.107(f) Authorized Deviations in Clauses M