Part Number: 2115

Life Insurance Federal Acquisition Regulations

2115.404-70 Profit.

(a) Risk charge.

(1) Section 8711(d) of title 5, United States Code, provides for payment of a risk charge to FEGLI Program contractors as compensation for the risk assumed under the FEGLI Program. It is appropriate to pay such a charge when substantial risk is borne by the contractor; that is, when the balance in the Employees' Life Insurance Fund is no larger than five times annual claims.

(2) The risk charge is determined by agreement between the contractor and OPM. The amount of risk charge shall be specified in the contract.

(b) Waiver of the risk charge.

(1) When the Fund balance is greater than five times annual claims, OPM and the contractor may agree that the contractor will relinquish the risk charge in favor of a profit opportunity in the form of a service charge for the contractor. The service charge so determined shall be the total service charge that may be negotiated for the contract and shall encompass any service charge (whether entitled service charge, profit, fee, contribution to surpluses, etc.) that may have been negotiated by the prime contractor with any subcontractor. At no time may both a risk charge and a service charge be paid for the same portion of a policy year.

(2) Once agreement to relinquish the risk charge is made, the agreement may not be cancelled unless OPM and the Contractor mutually agree to reinstitute payment of a risk charge; or unless the Fund balance falls below the level defined in 2115.404-70(a) and 30 days' notice of cancellation is provided; or unless the Contractor or OPM provides notice of cancellation for any reason 1 year prior to the date cancellation is sought.

(c) Any profit prenegotiation objective (service charge) will be determined on the basis of a weighted guidelines structured approach.