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Part Number: 3452

Department of Education Acquisition Regulation

3452.232-70 Limitation of cost or funds.

3452.232-70 Limitation of cost or funds.

The following clause shall be inserted in all contracts that include a Limitation of cost or Limitation of funds clause in accordance with 3432.706–2:

Limitation of Cost or Funds (MAR 2011)

(a) Under the circumstances in FAR 32.704(a)(1), the contractor shall submit the following information in writing to the contracting officer:

(1) Name and address of the contractor.

(2) Contract number and expiration date.

(3) Contract items and amounts that will exceed the estimated cost of the contract or the limit of the funds allotted.

(4) The elements of cost that changed from the original estimate (for example: labor, material, travel, overhead), furnished in the following order:

(i) Original estimate.

(ii) Costs incurred to date.

(iii) Estimated cost to completion.

(iv) Revised estimate.

(v) Amount of adjustment.

(5) The factors responsible for the increase.

(6) The latest date by which funds must be available to the contractor to avoid delays in performance, work stoppage, or other impairments.

(b) A fixed fee provided in a contract may not be changed if a cost overrun is funded. Changes in a fixed fee may be made only to reflect changes in the scope of work that justify an increase or decrease in the fee.

(End of clause)