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Part Number: 3452

Department of Education Acquisition Regulation

3452.228-70 Required insurance.

3452.228-70 Required insurance.

As prescribed in 3428.311–2, insert the following clause in all solicitations and resultant cost-reimbursement contracts:

Required Insurance (MAR 2011)

(a) The contractor shall procure and maintain such insurance as required by law or regulation, including but not limited to the requirements of FAR subpart 28.3. Prior written approval of the contracting officer shall be required with respect to any insurance policy, the premiums for which the contractor proposes to treat as a direct cost under this contract, and with respect to any proposed qualified program of self-insurance. The terms of any other insurance policy shall be submitted to the contracting officer for approval upon request.

(b) Unless otherwise authorized in writing by the contracting officer, the contractor shall not procure or maintain for its own protection any insurance covering loss or destruction of, or damage to, Government property.

(End of clause)