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Part Number: 3452

Department of Education Acquisition Regulation

3452.216-71 Award-Term.

3452.216-71 Award-Term.

As prescribed in 3416.470, insert a clause substantially the same as the following in all solicitations and contracts where an award-term arrangement is anticipated:

Award-Term (OCT 2023)

(a) The initial [insert initial contract term] contract term or ordering period may be extended or reduced on the basis of contractor performance, resulting in a contract term or an ordering period lasting at least [insert minimum contract term] years from the date of contract award, to a maximum of [insert maximum contract term] years after the date of contract award.

(b) The contractor's performance will be measured against stated standards by the performance monitors, who will report their findings to the Award Term Determining Official (or Board).

(c) Bilateral changes may be made to the award-term plan at any time. If agreement cannot be made within 60 days, the Government reserves the right to make unilateral changes prior to the start of an award-term period.

(d) The contractor will submit a brief written self-evaluation of its performance within X days after the end of the evaluation period. The self-evaluation report shall not exceed seven pages, and it may be considered in the Award Term Review Board's (ATRB's) (or Term Determining Official's) evaluation of the contractor's performance during this period.

(e) The contract term or ordering period requires bilateral modification to reflect the ATRB's decision. If the contract term or ordering period has one year remaining, the operation of the contract award-term feature will cease and the contract term or ordering period will not extend beyond the maximum term stated in the contract.

(f) Award terms that have not begun may be cancelled (rather than terminated), should the need for the items or services no longer exists. No equitable adjustments to the contract price are applicable, as this is not the same procedure as a termination for convenience.

(g) The decisions made by the ATRB or Term Determining Official may be made unilaterally. Alternate Dispute Resolution procedures shall be utilized when appropriate.

(End of clause)