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FAC Number: 2024-03
Effective Date: 02/23/2024

Subpart 25.8 - Other International Agreements and Coordination

Subpart 25.8 - Other International Agreements and Coordination

25.801 General.

Treaties and agreements between the United States and foreign governments affect the evaluation of offers from foreign entities and the performance of contracts in foreign countries.

25.802 Procedures.

(a) When placing contracts with contractors located outside the United States, for performance outside the United States, contracting officers must-

(1) Determine the existence and applicability of any international agreements and ensure compliance with these agreements; and

(2) Conduct the necessary advance acquisition planning and coordination between the appropriate U.S. executive agencies and foreign interests as required by these agreements.

(b) The Department of State publishes many international agreements in the "United States Treaties and Other International Agreements" series. Copies of this publication normally are available in overseas legal offices and U.S. diplomatic missions.

(c) Contracting officers must award all contracts with Taiwanese firms or organizations through the American Institute of Taiwan (AIT). AIT is under contract to the Department of State.

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