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FAC Number: 2024-05
Effective Date: 05/22/2024

52.208-4 Vehicle Lease Payments.

52.208-4 Vehicle Lease Payments.

As prescribed in 8.1104(a), insert the following clause in solicitations and contracts for leasing motor vehicles, unless the motor vehicles are leased in foreign countries:

Vehicle Lease Payments (Apr 1984)

(a) Upon the submission of proper invoices or vouchers, the Government shall pay rent for each vehicle at the rate(s) specified in this contract.

(b) Rent shall accrue from the beginning of this contract, or from the date each vehicle is delivered to the Government, whichever is later, and shall continue until the expiration of the contract term or the termination of this contract. However, rent shall accrue only for the period that each vehicle is in the possession of the Government.

(c) Rent shall not accrue for any vehicle that the Contracting Officer determines does not comply with the Condition of Leased Vehicles clause of this contract or otherwise does not comply with the requirements of this contract, until the vehicle is replaced or the defects are corrected.

(d) Rent shall not accrue for any vehicle during any period when the vehicle is unavailable or unusable as a result of the Contractor’s failure to render services for the operation and maintenance of the vehicle as prescribed by this contract.

(e) Rent stated in monthly terms shall be prorated on the basis of 1/30 th of the monthly rate for each day the vehicle is in the Government’s possession. If this contract contains a mileage provision, the Government shall pay rent as provided in the Schedule.

(End of clause)

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