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FAC Number: 2024-05
Effective Date: 05/22/2024

46.401 General.

46.401 General.

(a) Government contract quality assurance shall be performed at such times (including any stage of manufacture or performance of services) and places (including subcontractors’ plants) as may be necessary to determine that the supplies or services conform to contract requirements. Quality assurance surveillance plans should be prepared in conjunction with the preparation of the statement of work. The plans should specify-

(1) All work requiring surveillance; and

(2) The method of surveillance.

(b) Each contract shall designate the place or places where the Government reserves the right to perform quality assurance.

(c) If the contract provides for performance of Government quality assurance at source, the place or places of performance may not be changed without the authorization of the contracting officer.

(d) If a contract provides for delivery and acceptance at destination and the Government inspects the supplies at a place other than destination, the supplies shall not ordinarily be reinspected at destination, but should be examined for quantity, damage in transit, and possible substitution or fraud.

(e) Government inspection shall be performed by or under the direction or supervision of Government personnel.

(f) Government inspection shall be documented on an inspection or receiving report form or commercial shipping document/packing list, under agency procedures (see subpart  46.6).

(g) Agencies may prescribe the use of inspection approval or disapproval stamps to identify and control supplies and material that have been inspected for conformance with contract quality requirements.

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