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FAC Number: 2024-05
Effective Date: 05/22/2024

45.103 General.

45.103 General.

(a) Agencies shall-

(1) Allow and encourage contractors to use voluntary consensus standards (see FAR 11.101(b)) and industry-leading practices and standards to manage Government property in their possession;

(2) Eliminate to the maximum practical extent any competitive advantage a prospective contractor may have by using Government property;

(3) Ensure maximum practical reutilization of contractor inventory for government purposes;

(4) Require contractors to use Government property already in their possession to the maximum extent practical in performing Government contracts;

(5) Charge appropriate rentals when the property is authorized for use on other than a rent-free basis; and

(6) Require contractors to justify retaining Government property not needed for contract performance and to declare property as excess when no longer needed for contract performance.

(b) Agencies will not generally require contractors to establish property management systems that are separate from a contractor’s established procedures, practices, and systems used to account for and manage contractor-owned property.

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