FAC Number: 2023-02
Effective Date: 03/16/2023

4.201 Procedures.

4.201 Procedures.

Contracting officers shall distribute copies of contracts or modifications within 10 working days after execution by all parties. As a minimum, the contracting officer shall-

(a) Distribute simultaneously one signed copy or reproduction of the signed contract to the contractor and the paying office;

(b) When a contract is assigned to another office for contract administration (see subpart  42.2), provide to that office-

(1) One copy or reproduction of the signed contract and of each modification; and

(2) A copy of the contract distribution list, showing those offices that should receive copies of modifications, and any changes to the list as they occur;

(c) Distribute one copy to each accounting and finance office (funding office) whose funds are cited in the contract;

(d) When the contract is not assigned for administration but contains a Cost Accounting Standards clause, provide one copy of the contract to the cognizant administrative contracting officer and mark the copy "For Cost Accounting Standards Administration Only" (see 30.601(b));

(e) Provide one copy of each contract or modification that requires audit service to the appropriate field audit office listed in the "Directory of Federal Contract Audit Offices" (see 42.103); and

(f) Provide copies of contracts and modifications to those organizations required to perform contract administration support functions (e.g., when manufacturing is performed at multiple sites, the contract administration office cognizant of each location).

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