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FAC Number: 2024-05
Effective Date: 05/22/2024

14.503-2 Step two.

14.503-2 Step two.

(a) Sealed bidding procedures shall be followed except that invitations for bids shall-

(1) Be issued only to those offerors submitting acceptable technical proposals in step one;

(2) Include the provision prescribed in 14.201-6(t);

(3) Prominently state that the bidder shall comply with the specifications and the bidder’s technical proposal; and

(4) Not be synopsized through the Governmentwide point of entry (GPE) as an acquisition opportunity nor publicly posted (see 5.101(a)).

(b) The names of firms that submitted acceptable proposals in step one will be listed through the GPE for the benefit of prospective subcontractors (see 5.207).

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