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Part Number: 1405

Department of the Interior Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 1405.2 - Synopses of Proposed Contract Actions

1405.202 Exceptions.

The AS/PMB is authorized to approve the written determination documenting the reasons why a synopsis is not appropriate or reasonable. The CO shall prepare the determination, submit it to the HCA and then to the Director, PAM, for AS/PMB approval.

1405.207 Preparation and transmittal of synopses.

In addition to the synopsis information generally required under FAR 5.207, as a best business practice, it is recommended each synopsis of a proposed contract action under other than full and open competition include the location where the offeror may obtain:

(a) A description of specific qualifications the Government requires of the product or service to meet the Government's minimum needs; and

(b) The factors the Government will use to evaluate the product or service information prospective contractors provide under the proposed contract action.