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Part Number: 1452

Department of the Interior Acquisition Regulation

1452.237-71 Utilization of Woody Biomass.

As prescribed in 1437.7202, insert the following clause:

Utilization of Woody Biomass (MAY 2005)

(a) The contractor may remove and utilize woody biomass, if:

(1) Project work is progressing as scheduled; and

(2) Removal is completed before contract expiration.

(b) To execute this option, the contractor must submit a written request to the Government.

(c) Following receipt of the written request, and if appropriate, the Government and the contractor will negotiate and execute a separate timber/vegetative sales contract. Payment under the timber/vegetative sales contract must be at a price equal to or greater than the appraised value of the woody biomass. The contractor must make any appropriate payment specified in the related timber/vegetative sales contract before removal may be authorized.

(d) If required by law, regulation or Bureau policy, the Government will prepare a timber/vegetative sales notice and/or prospectus, including volume estimates, appraised value and any appropriate special provisions.

(e) The contractor must treat any woody biomass not removed in accordance with the specifications in the service contract.

(f) The sales contract and service contract are severable; default or termination under either contract does not remove the contractor from payment or performance obligations under the other contract.

(g) Definitions:

Timber/vegetative sales contract and/or notice means the agency-specific authorized contract instrument for the sale, barter, exchange, billing or other compensation for the payment, removal, and/or transportation of woody biomass material.

Woody biomass means the trees and woody plants, including limbs, tops, needles, leaves, and other woody parts, grown in a forest, woodland, or rangeland environment, that are the by-products of management, restoration and/or hazardous fuel reduction treatment.