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Part Number: 1446

Department of the Interior Acquisition Regulation

1446.670 Inspection, receiving and acceptance reports.

(a) Except for simplified acquisitions (See FAR 46.404) and unless otherwise prescribed by bureau procedures, the documentation in DIAR 1446.671 shall be inserted on each commercial shipping document or packing list, whether by manual or electronic means, for supplies or services and shall be signed by the authorized Government representative as required in FAR 46.401(f) and subpart 46.5.

(b) The documentation required in paragraph (a) of this section shall be made at the place or places specified in the contract for performance of Government quality assurance (See FAR 46.401(b)) as prescribed in FAR 46.402 or FAR 46.403, as appropriate and for acceptance in accordance with FAR 46.503.

(c) If the CO elects to use a contractor's certificate of conformance (See FAR 46.315) under the conditions prescribed in FAR 46.504, the certificate may be used as the basis of Government acceptance.