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Part Number: 1406

Department of the Interior Acquisition Regulation

1406.303-70 Additional requirements.

(a) If other than full and open competition is recommended by the office initiating an acquisition requirement, the recommendation shall:

(1) Be in writing;

(2) Accompany the requisition;

(3) Contain the information required by FAR 6.303-2; and

(4) Request the CO to conduct a market survey by issuing a synopsis of the proposed contract action (see 1405.207). The initiating office shall evaluate and document all responses to the notice. The CO shall prepare the D&F that only one source can meet the Government's needs based on the evaluation results. The evaluation results shall be included in the justification as required by FAR 6.303-2(a)(8) if it is determined that only one source can meet the Government's needs.

(b) The procedure in paragraph (a) of this section is not required for proposed contract actions to be awarded under the authority in FAR 6.302-2 when the CO determines that preparation and approval of the justification would unreasonably delay the acquisition. Under these circumstances, a justification may be prepared and approved after award in accordance with FAR 6.303-1(d).