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Part Number: 1403

Department of the Interior Acquisition Regulation

1403.101-70 Technical evaluators and advisors.

(a) Technical evaluators and advisors, including members of proposal evaluation committees, must render impartial, technically sound, and objective assistance and advice.

(b) With the exception of contracting personnel, proposal evaluators and advisors are not required to file a Confidential Financial Disclosure Report (SF450) unless they occupy positions identified in 43 CFR 20.735.30(b). Therefore, when an individual is appointed as an evaluator or advisor, he/she must sign and return to the CO a Conflict of Interest Certificate in a format approved by the HCA. If a potential COI exists, the appointee must not be allowed to evaluate or advise on an offeror's proposal until the conflict has been resolved with the servicing Ethics Counselor.

(c) During the evaluation process, each evaluator and advisor is responsible for ensuring that there are no financial or employment interests that conflict or give the appearance of conflicting with his or her duty to evaluate proposals impartially and objectively. Examples of situations that may be prohibited or represent a potential COI include:

(1) Financial interest, including stocks and bonds, in a firm that submits, or is expected to submit, an offer in response to the solicitation;

(2) Outstanding financial commitments to any actual or potential offeror;

(3) Employment in any capacity, even if otherwise permissible, by any actual or potential offeror;

(4) Employment within the last 12 months by an actual or potential offeror;

(5) Any non-vested pension or re-employment rights, or interest in profit sharing or stock bonus plans arising out of past employment by an actual or potential offeror; or

(6) Employment of any member of the immediate family by an actual or potential offeror.

(d) Bureaus shall include a notice similar to the following in all correspondence notifying employees of appointments to serve as technical evaluators or advisors, formally called Technical Evaluation Panels (TEP) and/or Source Evaluation Boards (SEB):

You shall not solicit or accept any gift, gratuity, favor, entertainment, loan, or anything of monetary value from a competing contractor involved in any action for which you participate personally and substantially under this delegation of authority. You are also reminded of other conduct prohibitions in FAR 3.104-3, including negotiating with competing contractors for future employment, disclosure of contractor bid or proposal information or source selection information, and post-Government employment restrictions.

Such notice shall include an acknowledgement of receipt signed and returned by the employee.