Part Number: Part 2828

Justice Acquisition Regulation


Subpart 2828.1 - Bonds

2828.106 Administration.

2828.106-6 Furnishing information.

In accordance with FAR 28.106-6(c), the HCA, or designee at a level not lower than the BPC, is the agency official authorized to furnish the certified copy of the bond and the contract.

Subpart 2828.2 - Sureties

2828.204 Alternatives in lieu of corporate or individual sureties.

When contractors submit any of the types of security described in FAR 28.204-1 through 28.204-3 in lieu of furnishing sureties, the contracting officer shall enter into an agreement with the contractor covering a bank account, and suitable covenants protecting the Government's interest, in which the securities will be deposited to protect against their loss during the period of the bond obligation.

Subpart 2828.3 - Insurance

2828.307-1 Group insurance plans.

Under cost-reimbursement contracts, before buying insurance under a group insurance plan, the contractor shall submit the plan to the contracting officer for review and approval. During review, the contracting office should utilize all sources of information available such as audit, industry practices, etc., to determine that acceptance of the group insurance plan, as submitted, is in the Government's best interest.