Part Number: Part 2813

Justice Acquisition Regulation


Subpart 2813.3 - Simplified Acquisition Methods

2813.305 Imprest funds and third party drafts.

Regulations governing the operation and procedures of the imprest fund shall be contained in internal bureau regulations. Individuals delegated the authority to withdraw from the imprest fund are further subject to the limitations contained in their delegation memorandum.

2813.307 Forms.

In accordance with FAR 13.307, bureaus may use order forms other than Standard Form (SF) 1449, OF 347 and 348 and may print on those forms, clauses considered to be suitable for purchases.

(a) Contracting activities using the SF 44 will be responsible for instructing authorized users as to the limitations and procedures for use of the form as outlined in FAR 13.306.

(b) Since the SF 44 is an accountable form, a record shall be maintained of: serial numbers of the forms; to whom issued; and, the date issued. SF 44s shall be kept securely under lock and key to prevent unauthorized use. A reservation of funds shall be established to cover total anticipated expenditures prior to use of the SF 44.

Subpart 2813.70 - Certified Invoice Procedure

2813.7001 Policy.

Under limited circumstances as described in this subpart, supplies or services directly related to mission accomplishment, may be acquired on the open market from local suppliers at the site of the work or use point, using vendor's invoices under the certified invoice procedure, instead of issuing purchase orders. Certified invoice procedures may not be used to place orders under established contracts.

2813.7002 Procedure.

(a) Purchases utilizing the certified invoice procedure shall be effected only in accordance with FAR part 13 and this part 2813, subject to the following:

(1) The amount of any one purchase does not exceed the micro-purchase threshold;

(2) A purchase order is not required by either the supplier or the Government;

(3) Appropriate invoices can be obtained from the supplier; and,

(4) The items to be purchased shall be domestic source end products, except as provided in FAR subpart 25.1.

(b) Use of the certified invoice procedures does not eliminate the requirements in FAR part 13 or this part 2813 that are applicable to purchases of this dollar threshold.

(c) The chief of the contracting office, as defined in 2802.101(c), shall delegate the authority to use the certified invoice procedure. Each delegation must specify any limitations placed on the individual's use of these procedures, such as limits on the amount of each purchase, or limits on the commodities, or services which can be procured.

(d) Each individual using this purchasing technique shall require the supplier to immediately submit properly prepared invoices which itemize property or services furnished. Upon receiving the invoice, the individual making the purchase shall annotate the invoice with the date of receipt, verify the arithmetic accuracy of the invoiced amount and verify on the invoice that the supplies and/or services have been received and accepted. If the invoice is correct, the individual making the purchase shall sign the invoice indicating acceptance and immediately forward it to the appropriate administrative office. The invoice shall be approved by the appropriate administrative office and forwarded to the Finance Office for payment within 5 workdays after receipt of the invoice, or acceptance of supplies or services, whichever is later. Before forwarding the invoice to Finance, the administrative office shall place the following statement on the invoice, along with the accounting and appropriation data:

I certify that these goods and/or services were received on ________ (date) an accepted on ________ (date). Oral purchase was authorized and no confirming order has been issued.



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