Part Number: Part 2822

Justice Acquisition Regulation


Subpart 2822.1 - Basic Labor Policies

2822.101 Labor relations.

2822.101-1 General.

All matters regarding labor relations shall be handled in accordance with bureau procedures.

2822.101-3 Reporting labor disputes.

The office administering the contract shall report, directly to the contracting officer, any potential or actual labor disputes that may interfere with performing any contracts under its cognizance.

2822.103 Overtime.

2822.103-4 Approvals.

The inclusion of a dollar amount greater than zero in paragraph (a) of the FAR clause 52.222-2, Payment For Overtime Premiums, must be approved at a level above the contracting officer. Such approval shall be reflected by the signature of the approving official on the contracting officer's written determination made in accordance with FAR 22.103-4.

Subpart 2822.4 - Labor Standards for Contracts Involving Construction

2822.406 Administration and enforcement.

2822.406-8 Investigations.

Pursuant to FAR 22.406-8(d), the contracting officer shall prepare and forward the report of violations to the HCA or designee at a level not lower than the BPC. That official shall be responsible for processing the report in accordance with FAR 22.406-8(d)(2).

Subpart 2822.13 - Special Disabled and Vietnam Era Veterans

2822.1303 Waivers.

In accordance with FAR 22.1303, all requests for waivers shall be forwarded from the HCA to PPRG, JMD, for processing to the Attorney General.