Part Number: Part 2811

Justice Acquisition Regulation


2811.001 Definitions.

Dual systems means the use of both inch-pound and metric systems. For example, an item is designed, produced and described in inch-pound values with soft metric values also shown for information or comparison purposes.

Hybrid systems means the use of both inch-pound and standard metric values in specifications, standards, supplies, and services; e.g., an engine with internal parts in metric dimensions and external fittings or attachments in inch-pound dimensions.

Metric system means the International System of Units established by the General Conference of Weights and Measures in 1960.

Soft metric means the result of mathematical conversion of inch-pound measurements to metric equivalents in specifications, standards, supplies, and services. The physical dimensions are not changed.

2811.002 Policy.

Consistent with the policy expressed in FAR 11.002(b), solicitations must include specifications and purchase descriptions stated in metric units of measurement whenever metric is the accepted industry system. Whenever possible, commercially developed metric specifications and internationally, or domestically developed voluntary standards, using metric measurements, must be adopted. While an industry is in transition to metric specifications, solicitations must include requirements documents stated in soft metric, hybrid, or dual systems, except when impractical or inefficient.

Subpart 2811.1 - Selecting and Developing Requirements Documents

2811.103 Market acceptance.

Pursuant to FAR 11.103, the HCA or designee at a level not lower than the BPC has the authority to require offerors to demonstrate that the items offered meet the criteria set forth in FAR 11.103(a).

2811.104-70 Brand-name or equal description.

When a brand-name or equal description is used, the clause set forth in 2852.211-70, Brand-name or Equal, shall be inserted into the solicitation.

Subpart 2811.6 - Priorities and Allocations

2811.603 Procedures.

The PE is the agency official delegated authority to exercise priority authority on behalf of the Department. Any request for a priority rating on a contract or order must be submitted to PPRG, JMD, in accordance with the procedures in this subpart.

(a) The requesting activity shall submit, to the PE, a description of the supplies or services requiring a priority rating and a complete justification for the necessity of a rated order including the method and type of contract and the anticipated award date. The justification must also state the level of priority rating requested and comply with the requirements of the Defense Priorities and Allocations System.

(b) Upon receipt, the PPRG shall review the request for completeness and establish appropriate liaison with the Department of Commerce (DOC), the administering agency. Depending on the nature of the requirement, the PPRG may schedule a meeting with DOC officials to present the proposal. In such cases, a representative from the requiring activity may be requested to attend.

(c) DOJ activities requesting rated orders that concern classified material shall call PPRG before submitting their request to ensure appropriate transmission and handling between the requesting activity and PPRG.