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Change Number: Change 183 GSAR Case 2022-G517
Effective Date: 07/08/2024

507.104 General procedures.

507.104 General procedures.

(a) The planner shall:

(1) Comply with the requirements of FAR subpart 7.1 and this subpart, and coordinate with other members of the planning team as appropriate.

(2) Write the acquisition plan using all planning team members especially for complex or highly sensitive acquisitions.

(3) Review the acquisition history of the supplies and services.

(4) Review the description of the supplies, including (when necessary for adequate description) a picture, drawing, diagram, or other graphic representation.

(5) Coordinate with the Small Business Technical Advisor (SBTA) as necessary to fulfill the requirements of FAR 7.104(d) (See 519.202-1).

(6) Coordinate with the GSA Chief Information Officer (CIO) if the action involves GSA information technology and ensure acquisition plans are approved by the GSA CIO. Guidance for identifying the applicable GSA CIO point of contact can be found on GSA’s Acquisition Portal at For interagency acquisitions involving information technology, see subpart  517.5.

(7) Obtain concurrence of the contracting officer, and approvals as required in paragraph 507.103 (b)(1).

(8) Coordinate with the Office of General Counsel on an as needed basis, but definitely for acquisition plans over $20 million.

(9) Ensure that an interagency agreement is in place in all agency specific clauses, terms and conditions are incorporated in the acquisition, when conducting purchases on behalf of other agencies.

(10) Coordinate, as necessary, with any designated sustainability point of contact for the requirement (see 504.7104).

(11) Follow sustainability policies and procedures specified in part  523 throughout the procurement.

(12) Coordinate with the contracting officer to ensure all INFORM components (see INFORM Guide) are integrated into the acquisition planning process. The acquisition plan must include the time necessary for orientation of acquisition stakeholders and potential evaluators to INFORM procedures and timeline commitments.

(b) The contracting officer shall:

(1) Ensure that acquisition planning and market research are performed for all acquisitions.

(2) Ensure all acquisition plans for applicable acquisitions per 515.370 contain the INFORM components.

(3) Ensure that a determination has been made on large-scale construction projects, as defined in FAR 22.502, whether to use Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) or submit an exception request. If an exception to the PLA is contemplated, the contracting officer shall follow the procedures at 522.570-1 General..

(4) Ensure that the contract file contains a copy of the approved acquisition plan.

(c) Applicability. All acquisitions exceeding the SAT, including orders and BPAs, require written acquisition plans.

(1) When awarding a single IDIQ contract, an acquisition plan will be developed for the base contract. The resulting orders should be covered by and reference the same acquisition plan.

(2) When awarding a BPA for a specific requirement and agency, an acquisition plan will be developed for the base contract. The resulting orders should be covered by and reference the same acquisition plan.

(3) For oral acquisition plans, see 507.105-70.

(d) For all acquisitions exceeding the SAT, the planner must provide a written acquisition plan. The plan, with required approvals, must be documented in the (electronic) contract file before solicitation issuance.