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Change Number: Change 183 GSAR Case 2022-G517
Effective Date: 07/08/2024

Part 546 - Quality Assurance

Part 546 - Quality Assurance

Subpart 546.3 - Contract Clauses

546.302 Fixed-price supply contracts.

546.302-70 Source inspection by Quality Approved Manufacturer for fixed-price supply contracts.

(a)Insert the clause at 552.246-70, Source Inspection by Quality Approved Manufacturer:

(1)In FAS solicitations and contracts that—

(i)Will exceed the simplified acquisition threshold;

(ii)Include the FAR clause at 52.246-2; and

(iii)Provide for source inspection for the Stock and Special Order Programs.

(2)In solicitations and contracts that—

(i)Are below the simplified acquisition threshold;

(ii) Include the FAR clause at 52.246-2; and

(iii) Support the Wildfire program; or

(iv) When a pattern of acquisitions demonstrates an ongoing relationship with the contractor.

(b) The contracting officer may authorize inspection and testing at manufacturing plants or other facilities located outside the United States, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands according to paragraph (a)(1) of the clause at 552.246-70 when any of the following conditions apply and after coordinating the authorization with QVOC and documenting the authorization in the file:

(1) Inspection services are available from another Federal agency with primary inspection responsibility in the geographic area.

(2) An inspection interchange agreement exists with another agency for inspection at a contractor's plant.

(3) Other considerations will ensure more economical and effective inspection consistent with the Government's interest.

546.302-71 Source inspection.

Insert the clause at 552.246-71, Source Inspection by Government, in FAS solicitations and contracts where Government personnel at the source will perform inspection.

546.302-72 Destination Inspection.

Insert the clause at 552.246-78, Inspection at Destination, in solicitations and contracts for supplies that require inspection at destination.

546.312 Construction contracts.

Insert the clause at 552.246-72, Final Inspection and Tests, in solicitations and contracts for construction that include the FAR clause at 52.246-12.

Subpart 546.7 - Warranties

546.704 Authority for use of warranties.

FAR clause 52.246-21, Warranty of Construction, is approved by the agency for use in solicitations and contracts when a fixed-price construction contract is contemplated.

546.705 Limitations.

The contracting director must approve the use of warranties in cost reimbursement contracts, except those in FAR clauses 52.246-3 and 52.246-8.

546.708 Warranties of data.

(a)  The contracting officer shall use warranties of data only when both of the following conditions are applicable:

(1)  Use of a warranty is in the Government’s interest and is documented; and

(2)  The contracting director concurs with the decision.

(b)  The contracting officer shall consult with the technical or specification manager responsible for developing any warranties of data.

546.710 Contract clause.

Insert the clause at 552.246-77, Additional Contract Warranty Provisions for Supplies of a Noncomplex Nature, in solicitations and contracts that include the FAR clause at 52.246-17.