Change Number: DFARS PGI Change 12/30/2022
Effective Date: 12/30/2022

PGI 237.102-70 Prohibition on contracting for firefighting or security-guard functions.

PGI 237.102-70 Prohibition on contracting for firefighting or security-guard functions.

(c)(i) To ensure that the personnel limitations in DFARS 237.102-70(c)(1)(iv) are not exceeded, there is an office of primary responsibility (OPR) within each department or agency that is responsible for managing the total number of security-guard personnel on contract for the department or agency.

(ii) Before finalizing a contract action that affects the number of security-guard personnel on contract, the contracting officer shall request, from the requiring activity, evidence of the OPR’s approval for the contract action. This requirement also applies to renewal or exercise of options for the same number of security-guard personnel, to ensure compliance with the statutory limitations/reductions specified for each fiscal year.

(iii) If the evidence of approval is not provided by the requiring activity, the contracting officer shall directly contact the applicable OPR for approval before finalizing the contract action. OPRs are as follows:

(A) U.S. Army:

HQ Department of the Army

Office of the Provost Marshal General

2800 Army Pentagon

Washington, DC 20310

Phone: 703-695-4210 or 703-614-2597.

(B) U.S. Navy:

Commander, Navy Installations

Command (CNIC) N3

2715 Mitscher Road, Suite 300

Anacostia Annex

Washington, DC 20373

Phone: 202-409-4053.

(C) U.S. Marine Corps:

HQ U.S. Marine Corps

Assistant Deputy Commandant, Plans, Policy, &

Operations (Security)

3000 Marine Corps Pentagon

Washington, DC 20350

Phone: 571-201-3633.

(D) U.S. Air Force:

HQ Air Force

Directorate of Security Forces

Programs & Resources Division (A7SX)

1340 AF Pentagon

Washington, DC 20330

Phone: 703-588-0027 or 703-588-0012.

(E) Pentagon Force Protection Agency:

Pentagon Force Protection Agency

9000 Defense Pentagon

Washington, DC 20301

Phone: 703-693-3685.