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Change Number: DFARS Change 05/30/2024
Effective Date: 05/30/2024

Subpart 246.1 - GENERAL

Subpart 246.1 - GENERAL

246.101 Definitions.

“Discipline Working Group,” as used in this subpart, is defined in the clause at 252.246-7004 , Safety of Facilities, Infrastructure, and Equipment for Military Operations.

246.102 Policy.

Departments and agencies shall also—

(1) Develop and manage a systematic, cost-effective Government contract quality assurance program to ensure that contract performance conforms to specified requirements. Apply Government quality assurance to all contracts for services and products designed, developed, purchased, produced, stored, distributed, operated, maintained, or disposed of by contractors.

(2) Conduct quality audits to ensure the quality of products and services meet contractual requirements.

(3) Base the type and extent of Government contract quality assurance actions on the particular acquisition.

(4) Provide contractors the maximum flexibility in establishing efficient and effective quality programs to meet contractual requirements. Contractor quality programs may be modeled on military, commercial, national, or international quality standards.

246.103 Contracting office responsibilities.

(1) The contracting office must coordinate with the quality assurance activity before changing any quality requirement.

(2) The activity responsible for technical requirements may prepare instructions covering the type and extent of Government inspections for acquisitions that are complex, have critical applications, or have unusual requirements. Follow the procedures at PGI 246.103 (2) for preparation of instructions.


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