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Change Number: DFARS Change 04/25/2024
Effective Date: 04/25/2024

252.245-7003 Contractor Property Management System Administration.

252.245-7003 Contractor Property Management System Administration.

As prescribed in 245.107 (3), insert the following clause:


(a) Definitions. As used in this clause—

“Acceptable property management system” means a property system that complies with the system criteria in paragraph (c) of this clause.

“Property management system” means the Contractor’s system or systems for managing and controlling Government property.

“Significant deficiency” means a shortcoming in the system that materially affects the ability of officials of the Department of Defense to rely upon information produced by the system that is needed for management purposes.

(b) General. The Contractor shall establish and maintain an acceptable property management system. Failure to maintain an acceptable property management system, as defined in this clause, may result in disapproval of the system by the Contracting Officer and/or withholding of payments.

(c) System criteria. The Contractor’s property management system shall be in accordance with paragraph (f) of the contract clause at Federal Acquisition Regulation 52.245-1.

(d) Significant deficiencies. (1) The Contracting Officer will provide an initial determination to the Contractor, in writing, of any significant deficiencies. The initial determination will describe the deficiency in sufficient detail to allow the Contractor to understand the deficiency.

(2) The Contractor shall respond within 30 days to a written initial determination from the Contracting Officer that identifies significant deficiencies in the Contractor's property management system. If the Contractor disagrees with the initial determination, the Contractor shall state, in writing, its rationale for disagreeing.

(3) The Contracting Officer will evaluate the Contractor's response and notify the Contractor, in writing, of the Contracting Officer’s final determination concerning—

(i) Remaining significant deficiencies;

(ii) The adequacy of any proposed or completed corrective action; and

(iii) System disapproval, if the Contracting Officer determines that one or more significant deficiencies remain.

(e) If the Contractor receives the Contracting Officer’s final determination of significant deficiencies, the Contractor shall, within 45 days of receipt of the final determination, either correct the significant deficiencies or submit an acceptable corrective action plan showing milestones and actions to eliminate the significant deficiencies.

(f) Withholding payments. If the Contracting Officer makes a final determination to disapprove the Contractor’s property management system, and the contract includes the clause at 252.242-7005 , Contractor Business Systems, the Contracting Officer will withhold payments in accordance with that clause.

(End of clause)


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