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Change Number: DFARS Change 05/30/2024
Effective Date: 05/30/2024

225.870-3 Submission of offers.

225.870-3 Submission of offers.

(a) As indicated in 225.870-4 , the Canadian Commercial Corporation is the prime contractor. To indicate acceptance of offers by individual Canadian companies, the Canadian Commercial Corporation issues a letter supporting the Canadian offer and containing the following information:

(1) Name of the Canadian offeror.

(2) Confirmation and endorsement of the offer in the name of the Canadian Commercial Corporation.

(3) A statement that the Corporation shall subcontract 100 percent with the offeror.

(b) When a Canadian offer cannot be processed through the Canadian Commercial Corporation in time to meet the date for receipt of offers, the Corporation may permit Canadian firms to submit offers directly. However, the contracting officer shall receive the Canadian Commercial Corporation's endorsement before contract award.

(c) The Canadian Commercial Corporation will submit all sealed bids in terms of U.S. currency. Do not adjust contracts awarded under sealed bidding for losses or gains from fluctuation in exchange rates.

(d) Except for sealed bids, the Canadian Commercial Corporation normally will submit offers and quotations in terms of Canadian currency. The Corporation may, at the time of submitting an offer, elect to quote and receive payment in terms of U.S. currency, in which case the contract—

(1) Shall provide for payment in U.S. currency; and

(2) Shall not be adjusted for losses or gains from fluctuation in exchange rates.


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