Change Number: DFARS Change 04/27/2023
Effective Date: 04/27/2023

209.403 Definitions.

209.403 Definitions.

“Debarring and suspending official.”

(1) For DoD, the designees are—

Army—Director, Soldier & Family Legal Services

Navy/Marine Corps—The Assistant General Counsel (Acquisition Integrity)

Air Force—Deputy General Counsel (Contractor Responsibility)

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency—The Director

Defense Information Systems Agency—The General Counsel

Defense Logistics Agency—The Special Assistant for Contracting Integrity

Defense Intelligence Agency—The Senior Procurement Executive

National Geospatial Intelligence Agency—The General Counsel

Defense Threat Reduction Agency—The Director

National Security Agency—The Senior Acquisition Executive

Missile Defense Agency—The General Counsel

United States Cyber Command—The Staff Judge Advocate

Defense Health Agency—The General Counsel

Overseas installations—as designated by the agency head

(2) Overseas debarring and suspending officials—

(i) Are authorized to debar or suspend contractors located within the official's geographic area of responsibility under any delegation of authority they receive from their agency head.

(ii) Debar or suspend in accordance with the procedures in FAR Subpart 9.4 or under modified procedures approved by the agency head based on consideration of the laws or customs of the foreign countries concerned.

(iii) In addition to the bases for debarment in FAR 9.406-2, may consider the following additional bases—

(A) The foreign country concerned determines that a contractor has engaged in bid-rigging, price-fixing, or other anti-competitive behavior; or

(B) The foreign country concerned declares the contractor to be formally debarred, suspended, or otherwise ineligible to contract with that foreign government or its instrumentalities.

(3) The Defense Logistics Agency Special Assistant for Contracting Integrity is the exclusive representative of the Secretary of Defense to suspend and debar contractors from the purchase of Federal personal property under the Federal Property Management Regulations (41 CFR 101-45.6) and the Defense Materiel Disposition Manual (DoD 4160.21-M).


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