Change Number: DFARS Change 12/30/2022
Effective Date: 12/30/2022

204.7102 Policy.

204.7102 Policy.

(a) The numbering procedures of this subpart shall apply to all—

(1) Solicitations;

(2) Solicitation line and subline item numbers;

(3) Contracts as defined in FAR Subpart 2.1;

(4) Contract line and subline item numbers;

(5) Exhibits;

(6) Exhibit line items; and

(7) Any other document expected to become part of the contract.

(b) The numbering procedures are mandatory for all contracts where separate contract line item numbers are assigned, unless—

(1) The contract is an indefinite-delivery type for petroleum products against which posts, camps, and stations issue delivery orders for products to be consumed by them; or

(2) The contract is a communications service authorization issued by the Defense Information Systems Agency's Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization.


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