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Part Number: 731

USAID Acquisition Regulation

731.205-71 Salary supplements for Host Government employees.

731.205-71 Salary supplements for Host Government employees.

(a) Definitions.

(1) A Host Government (HG) employee is a person paid by the HG, occupying an established position, either temporary or permanent, part-time or full-time, within a HG institution.

(2) An HG institution is an organization in which the government owns at least a fifty percent share or receives at least fifty percent of its financial support from the government.

(b) General. Salary supplement occurs when payments are made that augment an HG employee's base salary or premiums, overtime, extra payments, incentive payment and allowances for which the HG employee would qualify under HG rules or practices for the performance of his/hers regular duties or work performed during his/hers regular office hours. Per diem, invitational travel, honoraria and payment for work carried out outside of normal working hours are not considered to be salary supplements subject to the provisions in USAID policy referenced in paragraph (c) of this section.

(c) Salary supplements are eligible for USAID financing only when authorized in accordance with USAID policy established in the cable State 119780 dated April 15, 1988 in ADS Chapter 302. If salary supplements have been authorized in a particular case, the contracting officer shall provide written approval to the contractor in order for such costs to be eligible. Any specific requirements or limitations shall be specified in the approval.

(d) Contracting officers shall insert the Clause at 752.231–71 in all contracts in which there is a possibility of the need of HG employees. It should also be inserted in all subsequent subcontracts.


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