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Part Number: 715

USAID Acquisition Regulation

715.370-2 Title XII selection procedure—collaborative assistance.

715.370-2 Title XII selection procedure—collaborative assistance.

(a) General. (48 CFR) AIDAR 706.302–70(b)(4) provides authority for other than full and open competition when selecting Title XII institutions to perform Title XII activities.

(b) Scope of subsection. This subsection prescribes policies and procedures for the selection of institutions eligible under Title XII of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, to perform activities authorized under Title XII, where USAID has determined, in accordance with paragraph (c) of this subsection, that use of the collaborative assistance contracting system is appropriate. See (48 CFR) AIDAR appendix F (of this chapter)—Use of Collaborative Assistance Method for Title XII Activities for a more complete definition and discussion of the collaborative assistance method.

(c) Determinations. The following findings and determinations must be made prior to initiating any contract actions under the collaborative assistance method:

(1) The cognizant technical office makes a preliminary finding that an activity:

(i) Is authorized by Title XII; and

(ii) Should be classed as collaborative assistance because a continuing collaborative relationship between USAID, the host country, and the contractor is required from design through completion of the activity, and USAID, host country, and contractor participation in a continuing review and evaluation of the activity is essential for its proper execution.

(2) Based upon this preliminary finding, the cognizant technical office shall establish an evaluation panel consisting of a representative of the cognizant technical office as chairman, a representative of the contracting officer, and any other representatives considered appropriate by the chairman to review the proposed activity for its appropriateness under the collaborative assistance method.

(3) If supported by the panel's findings, the chairman will make a formal written determination that the collaborative assistance method is the appropriate contracting method for the Title XII activity in question.

(d) Evaluation and selection.

(1) Competition shall be sought among eligible Title XII institutions to the maximum practicable extent; this requirement shall be deemed satisfied when a contractor is selected under the procedures of this section.

(2) The evaluation panel shall:

(i) Prepare evaluation and selection criteria;

(ii) Prepare an initial source list of eligible institutions considered qualified to perform the proposed project; and

(iii) Evaluate the list, using the evaluation criteria previously determined, for the purpose of making a written determination of the sources considered most capable of performing the project.

(3) The chairman of the evaluation panel will prepare a memorandum requesting the contracting officer to prepare a request for expressions of interest from qualified sources and setting forth:

(i) The formal determinations required by paragraph (c) of this section;

(ii) The evaluation criteria which have been determined; and

(iii) The recommended source list and the rationale therefor.

(4) The contracting officer will prepare a request for an expression of interest (REI), containing sufficient information to permit an offeror to determine its interest in the project, and to discuss the project with USAID representatives, if appropriate. The REI should include a concise statement of the purpose of the activity, any special conditions or qualifications considered important, a brief description of the selection procedure and evaluation criteria which will be used, the proposed contract format, and any other information considered appropriate. The REI will be issued to the sources recommended by the panel, and to others, as appropriate; it will be synopsized, as required by (48 CFR) FAR 5.201, and it will normally allow a minimum of 60 days for preparation of an expression of interest. Guidelines for preparation of expressions of interest are contained in attachment 1 to (48 CFR) AIDAR appendix F.

(5) The contracting officer will transmit all expressions of interest to the evaluation panel for evaluation and selection recommendation. The panel may conduct on site evaluations at its discretion, as part of the evaluation process.

(6) The chairman of the evaluation panel will prepare a written selection recommendation with supporting justification, recommending that negotiations be conducted with the prospective contractor(s) selected by the evaluation panel. The selection recommendation shall be transmitted to the contracting officer together with the complete official file on the project which was being maintained by the evaluation panel.

(7) The contracting officer will review the selection recommendation, obtain necessary cost and other data, and proceed to negotiate with the recommended sources.


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