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Part Number: 715

USAID Acquisition Regulation

715.370-1 Title XII selection procedure—general.

715.370-1 Title XII selection procedure—general.

(a) General. The Deputy Administrator has determined, as provided in (48 CFR) AIDAR 706.302–70(b)(3)(ii) that use of this Title XII source selection procedure is necessary so as not to impair or affect USAID's ability to administer Title XII of the Foreign Assistance Act. This determination is reflected in (48 CFR) AIDAR 706.302–70(b)(4). This constitutes authority for other than full and open competition when selecting Title XII institutions to perform Title XII projects.

(b) Scope of subsection. This subsection prescribes policies and procedures for the selection of institutions eligible under Title XII of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, to perform activities authorized under Title XII.

(c) Applicability. The provisions of this subsection are applicable when the project office certifies that the activity is authorized under Title XII, and determines that use of the Title XII selection procedure is appropriate.

(d) Solicitation, evaluation, and selection procedures.

(1) Competition shall be sought among eligible Title XII institutions to the maximum practicable extent; this requirement shall be deemed satisfied when a contractor is selected under the procedures of this subsection.

(2) The project office shall—

(i) Prepare selection criteria for evaluation of eligible institutions for use in preparing the source list, determining predominantly qualified sources, and selecting the contractor;

(ii) Prepare an initial list of eligible institutions considered qualified to perform the proposed activity;

(iii) Provide a statement describing qualifications and areas of expertise considered essential, a statement of work, estimate of personnel requirements, special requirements (logistic support, Government furnished property, and so forth) for the contracting officer's use in preparing the request for technical proposal (RFTP).

(iv) Send a memorandum incorporating the certification and determination required by paragraph (c) of this section, together with the information required by paragraphs (d)(2)(i) through (iii) of this section, with the “Action” copy of the requisition to the contracting officer, requesting him/her to prepare and distribute the RFTP.

(3) Upon receipt and acceptance of the project officer's request, the contracting officer shall prepare the RFTP. The RFTP shall contain sufficient information to enable an offeror to submit a responsive and complete technical proposal. This includes a definitive statement of work, an estimate of the personnel required, and special provisions (such as logistic support, Government furnished equipment, and so forth), a proposed contract format, and evaluation criteria. No cost or pricing data will be requested or required by the RFTP. The RFTP will be distributed to the eligible institutions recommended by the project office. The RFTP will be synopsized, as required by (48 CFR) FAR 5.201, and will normally allow a minimum of 60 days for preparation and submission of a proposal.

(4) Upon receipt of responses to the RFTP by the contracting officer, an evaluation committee will be established as provided for in 715.303–70.

(5) The evaluation committee will evaluate all proposals in accordance with the criteria set forth in the RFTP, and will prepare a selection memorandum which shall:

(i) State the evaluation criteria;

(ii) List all of the eligible institutions whose proposals were reviewed;

(iii) Report on the ranking and rationale therefor for all proposals;

(iv) Indicate the eligible institution or institutions considered best qualified.

(6) The evaluation committee will submit the selection memorandum to the contracting officer for review and approval.

(7) The contracting officer will either approve the selection memorandum, or return it to the evaluation committee for reconsideration for specified reasons.

(8) If the selection memorandum is approved, the contracting officer shall obtain cost, pricing, and other necessary data from the recommended institution or institutions and shall conduct negotiations. If a satisfactory contract cannot be obtained, the contracting officer will so advise the evaluation committee. The evaluation committee may then recommend an alternate institution or institutions.


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