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Part Number: 1239

Transportation Acquisition Regulations

1239.7102 Policy.

1239.7102 Policy.

DOT must ensure that data protection is provided for information and information systems in accordance with current policies, procedures, and statutes, including:

(a) The Clinger-Cohen Act.

(b) The E-Government Act.

(c) Federal Information Systems Modernization Act.

(d) Federal Information Processing Standards.

(e) OMB Circular A–130, Managing Information as a Strategic Resource.

(f) 49 CFR part 10, Maintenance of and Access to Records Pertaining to Individuals.

(g) DOT Order 1351.18, Privacy Risk Management Policy.

(h) DOT Order 1351.19, PII Breach Notification Controls.

(i) DOT Order 1351.28, Records Management.

(j) DOT Order 1351.37, Departmental Cyber Security Policy.