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Part Number: 1910

Broadcasting Board of Governors Acquisition Regulation

1910.004-72 Solicitations, brand name or equal descriptions.

(a) An entry substantially as follows shall be prominently inserted in the item listing after each item or component part of an end item to which a brand name or equal purchase description applies.

Bidding on:

Manufacturer's Name:



(b) Because bidders frequently overlook the requirements of the clause at 1952.210-70 “Brand Name or Equal,” the following note shall be inserted in the item listing after each brand name or equal item (or component part), or at the bottom of each page, listing several such items, or in a manner that may otherwise direct the offeror's attention to this clause.

Offerors offering other than brand name items identified herein should furnish with their offers adequate information to ensure that a determination can be made as to equality of the product(s) offered (see the provision “Brand Name or Equal” set forth in 1952.210-70 of the solicitation).

(c) If offeror samples are requested for brand name or equal acquisitions, the above notice shall not be included in the solicitation.

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