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Part Number: 1952

Broadcasting Board of Governors Acquisition Regulation


1952.000 Scope of part.

This part implements and supplements FAR part 52 which sets forth solicitation provisions and contract clauses for use in the acquisition of personal property and nonpersonal services (including construction).

Subpart 1952.1 - Instructions for Using Provisions and Clauses

1952.102-2 Incorporation in full text.

All IAAR provisions and clauses shall be incorporated in solicitations and/or contracts in full text.

1952.104 Procedures for modifying and completing provisions and clauses.

IAAR provisions and clauses shall not be modified (see FAR 1952.101(a) unless authorized by the Director, Office of Contracts, and when so authorized, contracting officers must comply with the procedures in FAR 1952.104.

Subpart 1952.2 - Texts of Provisions and Clauses

1952.215-70 Key personnel and facilities.

As prescribed in 1915.106-70 insert the following clause in appropriate contracts:

Key Personnel and Facilities (FEB 1985)

The personnel and/or facilities listed below (or as specified in the Schedule of this contract) are considered essential to the work being performed hereunder. Prior to removing, replacing, or diverting any of the specified individuals or facilities, the Contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer reasonably in advance and shall submit justification (including proposed substitutions) in sufficient detail to permit evaluation of the impact on this contract. No diversion shall be made by the Contractor without the written consent of the Contracting Officer; provided, that the Contracting Officer may ratify in writing the change and such ratification shall constitute the consent of the Contracting Officer required by this clause. The personnel and/or facilities listed below (or as specified in the Schedule of this contract) may, with the consent of the contracting parties, be amended from time to time during the course of the contract to either add or delete personnel and/or facilities, as appropriate.

(End of clause)

1952.227-76 Government rights (unlimited).

As prescribed in 1927.405(g), insert the following clause:

Government Rights (Unlimited) (FEB 1985)

The Government shall have unlimited rights, in all drawings, designs, specifications, notes and other works developed in the performance of this contract, including the right to use same on any other Government design or construction without additional compensation to the Contractor. The Contractor hereby grants to the government a paid-up license throughout the world to all such works to which he may assert or establish any claim under design patent or copyrights laws. The Contractor for a period of three years after completion of the project agrees to furnish the original or copies of all such works on the request of the Contracting Officer.

(End of clause)

1952.227-77 Rights in shop drawings.

As prescribed in 1927.405(h), insert the following clause:

Rights in Shop Drawings (FEB 1985)

(a) Shop drawings for construction means drawings, submitted to the Government by the Construction Contractor, subcontractor or any lower tier subcontractor pursuant to a construction contract, showing in detail (i) the proposed fabrication and assembly of structural elements and (ii) the installation (i.e., form, fit, and attachment details) of materials or equipment. The Government may duplicate, use, and disclose in any manner and for any purpose shop drawings delivered under this contract.

(b) This clause, including this paragraph (b), shall be included in all subcontracts hereunder at any tier.

(End of clause)

1952.227-78 Disposition of prints and videotape recordings.

As prescribed in 1927.405(j) insert the following clause in License Agreements:

Disposition of Prints and Videotape Recordings (FEB 1985)

If the Board elects to discontinue distribution and exhibition hereunder, or upon expiration of the term of this License Agreement, the Board will destroy all prints and erase all videotape recordings of the Film. A certificate(s) attesting to such destruction and/or erasure will be furnished the Licensor upon its written request.

(End of clause)

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