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Part Number: 1910

Broadcasting Board of Governors Acquisition Regulation

1910.004-71 Limits on the use of brand name or equal purchase descriptions.

(a) General. The use of brand name or equal purchase descriptions in solicitations is intended to promote competition by encouraging the offering of products that are equal in all material respects to brand name products cited in such descriptions. Identification by brand name does not indicate a preference for the products mentioned but indicates the quality and characteristics of products that will meet the Government's needs. Where a component of an item is described in the solicitation by a brand name or equal purchase description and the contracting officer determines that application of the provision of 1952.210-70 would be impracticable, the requirement to include the entry described in 1910.004-72(a) shall not apply. If the provision is included in the solicitation for other reasons, there also shall be included in the solicitation a statement to identify either the component parts (described by brand name or equal descriptions) to which the provision applies or those to which it does not apply. This also applies to accessories related to an end item where a brand name or equal purchase description of the accessories is a part of the description of an end item. Brand name or equal descriptions shall not be used to acquire a particular product under the guise of competitive acquisition to the exclusion of other products that would meet the actual needs.

(b) In small purchases within the open market limitations, brand name policies and procedures shall be applicable to the extent practicable.

(c) Approval required. A brand name or equal purchase description shall not be used unless it has been approved at one level above the contracting officer.

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