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Change Number: DFARS PGI Change 05/30/2024
Effective Date: 05/30/2024

PGI 252.103 Identification of provisions and clauses.

PGI 252.103 Identification of provisions and clauses.

(c) Local provisions and clauses developed by departments and agencies for a single-use intended to meet the needs of an individual acquisition shall be identified by the title, date, and name of the department or agency that developed the local clause. For example, if “X” Agency negotiated a single-use clause for use of special government facilities during discussions, such clause would be identified in the contract as follows:

“Special Use of Government Facilities (DATE) X Agency”

(d)(1)(A) Local provisions and clauses that will be used on a repetitive basis shall be identified by—

(1) The chapter assigned to the department or agency under Title 48 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR);

(2) FAR subpart “52.2”;

(3) The applicable FAR part;

(4) A four-digit sequential number in the 9000 series for the suffix (see DFARS 252.101(b)(2)(ii)(B));

(5) Title; and

(6) Date.

(B) For example, if “Y” Agency is assigned a CFR chapter number 99, and has developed a provision regarding an evaluation factor for past performance to be used on a repetitive basis in negotiated acquisitions, such provision would be identified as follows:

“9952.215-9XXX Past Performance Evaluation Factor (DATE)”