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Change Number: DFARS PGI Change 04/25/2024
Effective Date: 04/25/2024



PGI 249.7001 Congressional notification on significant contract terminations.

(1) Department and agency liaison offices will coordinate timing of the congressional notification and public release of the information with release of the termination notice to the contractor. Department and agency liaison offices are—

(i) Army - Chief, Legislative Liaison (SALL-SPA).

(ii) Navy - Chief of Legislative Affairs (OLA-N).

(iii) Air Force - SAF/AQC.

(iv) Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – CMO.

(v) Defense Information Systems Agency - Contract Management Division (Code 260).

(vi) Defense Intelligence Agency – RSQ.

(vii) Defense Logistics Agency - DLSC-P.

(viii) National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency - NGA (A).

(ix) Defense Threat Reduction Agency - Acquisition Management Office (AM).

(x) National Security Agency/Central Security Service - Chief, Office of Contracting.

(xi) Missile Defense Agency - Director of Contracts (MDA-DCT).

(2) Request clearance to release information in accordance with departmental procedures as soon as possible after the decision to terminate is made. Until clearance has been obtained, treat this information as “For Official Use Only” unless the information is classified.

(3) Include in the request for clearance—

(i) Contract number, date, and type of contract;

(ii) Name of the company;

(iii) Nature of contract or end item;

(iv) The reason for the termination;

(v) Contract price of the items terminated;

(vi) Total number of contractor employees involved, including the Government's estimate of the number who may be discharged;

(vii) Statement of anticipated impact on the company and the community;

(viii) The area labor category, whether the contractor is a large or small business, and any known impact on hard core disadvantaged employment programs;

(ix) Total number of subcontractors involved and the impact in this area; and

(x) An unclassified draft of a suggested press release.

(4) To minimize termination costs, liaison offices will act promptly on all requests for clearance and will provide a response not later than two working days after receipt of the request.