Change Number: DFARS PGI Change 12/30/2022
Effective Date: 12/30/2022

PGI 246.370 Notification of potential safety issues.

PGI 246.370 Notification of potential safety issues.

(1) The objective of this requirement is to ensure that the Government receives timely notification of potential safety defects so that—

(i) Systems and equipment likely affected by the situation can be identified; and

(ii) An appropriate engineering investigation and follow-on actions can be taken to establish and mitigate risk.

(2) The notification is intended to be neither an admission of nor a release from liability.

(3) Upon notification of a potential safety nonconformance or deficiency—

(i) The procuring contracting officer must—

(A) Advise the affected program office(s) or integrated materiel manager(s); and

(B) Request a point of contact from the affected program office(s) or materiel management organization to assess the impact of the situation, address technical concerns, and provide recommendations;

(ii) The administrative contracting officer must—

(A) Confirm that potentially affected program offices, integrated materiel managers, and other contract management offices that may be recipients of the suspect items are aware of the situation; and

(B) Identify a point of contact to provide support and technical assistance to the investigative team; and

(iii) For replenishment parts, the integrated materiel manager must—

(A) Identify any potentially affected programs or equipment; and

(B) Request engineering assistance from affected engineering support activities, as prescribed by—

(1) DLAI 3200.1/PAM 715.13/NAVSUPINST 4120.30A/AFI 21-408/MCO 4000.18, Engineering Support Instruction for Items Supplied by Defense Logistics Agency;

(2) SECNAVINST 4140.2/AFI 20-106/DA PAM 95-9/DLAI 3200.4/DCMA INST CSI (AV), Management of Aviation Critical Safety Items;

(3) DA PAM 738-751, Functional Users Manual for the Army Maintenance Management System—Aviation (TAMMS-A);

(4) AMCOM REG 702-7, Flight Safety Parts/New Source Testing Program Management; or

(5) Internal agency procedures.