Change Number: DFARS PGI Change 10/28/2022
Effective Date: 10/28/2022

PGI 242.302 (a)(S-72) —Surveillance of the contractors implementation of the Synchronized Predeployment and Operational Tracker (SPOT)

(1) For suggested criteria to assess a contractor’s implementation of SPOT, see SPOT Compliance Checklist at http://www.acq.osd.mil/log/PS/ctr_mgt_accountability.html.

(2)(i) For visibility into certain discrepant records in SPOT, use the following audit compliance reports (ACRs) available via the Total Operational Picture Support System (TOPSS):

(A) Deployment Status Report (ACR–01). Lists all deployment requests that were submitted less than 10 days prior to the estimated deployment start date.

(B) In-Theater Arrival Date (ITAD) Report (ACR–02). Lists all records where the ITAD was entered more than one day after the actual ITAD.

(C) Primary Duty Station Report (ACR–03). Lists all deployments where the primary duty station arrival date was entered more than three days after the actual duty station arrival date.

(D) Closeout Deployment Report (ACR–05). Lists all deployments where the actual deployment end date was entered more than three days after the actual deployment end date.

(E) Open/Blank In-Theater Arrival Date (ITAD) Report (ACR– 06). Lists where the ITAD was not entered into SPOT within 15 days after the estimated deployment start date.

(ii) Contracting Officers shall obtain a TOPSS account by following the TOPPS PKI Certificate Registration instructions at http://www.acq.osd.mil/log/PS/ctr_mgt_accountability.html.

(3) Contracting Officers shall–

(i) Take immediate action to notify contractors of non-compliance with SPOT (e.g., issue one of the delinquency notices identified at FAR 49.607).

(ii) Document performance deficiencies related to SPOT non-compliance that will be relevant to past performance evaluations for future contract opportunities in accordance with FAR Subpart 42.15.