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Change Number: DFARS PGI Change 05/30/2024
Effective Date: 05/30/2024

PGI 219.804-2 Agency offering.

PGI 219.804-2 Agency offering.

(1) For requirements processed under the PA cited in DFARS 219.800 (but see paragraph (2) of this subsection for procedures related to purchase orders that do not exceed the simplified acquisition threshold), the notification to the SBA shall clearly indicate that the requirement is being processed under the PA. All notifications should be submitted in writing, using facsimile or electronic mail, when possible, and shall specify that—

(i) Under the PA, an SBA acceptance or rejection of the offering is required within 5 working days of receipt of the offering; and

(ii)(A) For sole source requirements, an SBA acceptance shall include a size verification and a determination of the 8(a) firm’s program eligibility, and, upon acceptance, the contracting officer will solicit a proposal, conduct negotiations, and make award directly to the 8(a) firm; or

(B) For competitive requirements, upon acceptance, the contracting officer will solicit offers, conduct source selection, and, upon receipt of an eligibility verification, award a contract directly to the selected 8(a) firm.

(2) Under the PA cited in DFARS 219.800, no separate agency offering or SBA acceptance is needed for requirements that are issued under purchase orders that do not exceed the simplified acquisition threshold. After an 8(a) contractor has been identified, the contracting officer shall establish the prices, terms, and conditions with the 8(a) contractor and shall prepare a purchase order consistent with the procedures in FAR Part 13 and DFARS Part 213, including the applicable clauses required by DFARS Subpart 219.8. No later than the day that the purchase order is provided to the 8(a) contractor, the contracting officer shall provide to the cognizant SBA Business Opportunity Specialist, using facsimile, electronic mail, or any other means acceptable to the SBA district office—

(i) A copy of the signed purchase order; and

(ii) A notice stating that the purchase order is being processed under the PA. The notice also shall indicate that the 8(a) contractor will be deemed eligible for award and will automatically begin work under the purchase order unless, within 2 working days after SBA’s receipt of the purchase order, the 8(a) contractor and the contracting officer are notified that the 8(a) contractor is ineligible for award.

(3) The notification to SBA shall identify any joint venture proposed for performance of the contract. SBA shall approve a joint venture before award of an 8(a) contract involving the joint venture.

(4) For competitive requirements for construction to be performed overseas, submit the notification to SBA Headquarters.