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Change Number: DFARS PGI Change 04/25/2024
Effective Date: 04/25/2024



PGI 213.301 Governmentwide commercial purchase card.

(1) A Governmentwide commercial purchase card program is a program that is authorized pursuant to a delegation of contracting authority and designation as a DoD contracting activity for the purpose of streamlining the purchase and payment processes for supplies and services by use of a Government-issued purchase card.

(2) Governmentwide commercial purchase card programs cannot be established or operated unless contracting authority is granted in accordance with governing laws and regulations, and delegated through a contracting activity identified at 202.101 . Further guidance regarding establishment, operation, and oversight of Governmentwide commercial purchase card programs can be found in the “Department of Defense Government Charge Card Guidebook for Establishing and Managing Purchase, Travel, and Fuel Card Programs” at .

PGI 213.302 Purchase orders.

PGI 213.302-3 Obtaining contractor acceptance and modifying purchase orders.

Generally, use unilateral modifications (see FAR 43.103) for—

(1) No-cost amended shipping instructions if—

(i) The amended shipping instructions modify a unilateral purchase order; and

(ii) The contractor agrees orally or in writing; and

(2) Any change made before work begins if—

(i) The change is within the scope of the original order;

(ii) The contractor agrees;

(iii) The modification references the contractor’s oral or written agreement; and

(iv) Block 13D of Standard Form 30, Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract, is annotated to reflect the authority for issuance of the modification.

PGI 213.306 SF 44, Purchase Order-Invoice-Voucher.

(a) (1) (A) Establish fuel card accounts—

(1) For DoD customers, contact the Service or Agency Component Program Manager (CPM) for fuel cards (see; and

(2) For non-DoD customers, contact the designated Account Manager identified at

(B) Purchases using the AIR Card® and SEA Card® shall follow the guidance found at

PGI 213.307 Forms.

(a) Commercial products and commercial services. If SF 1449 is not used, use DD Form 1155 in accordance with paragraph (b)(i) of this section.

(b) Other than commercial products and commercial services.

(i) Use DD Form 1155, Order for Supplies or Services, for purchases made using simplified acquisition procedures.

(A) The DD Form 1155 serves as a—

(1) Purchase order or blanket purchase agreement;

(2) Delivery order or task order;

(3) Receiving and inspection report;

(4) Property voucher;

(5) Document for acceptance by the supplier; and

(6) Public voucher, when used as—

(i) A delivery order;

(ii) The basis for payment of an invoice against blanket purchase agreements or basic ordering agreements when a firm-fixed-price has been established; or

(iii) A purchase order for acquisitions using simplified acquisition procedures.

(B) The DD Form 1155 is also authorized for use for—

(1) Orders placed in accordance with FAR Subparts 8.4, 8.6, 8.7, and 16.5; and

(2) Classified acquisitions when the purchase is made within the United States or its outlying areas. Attach the DD Form 254, Contract Security Classification Specification, to the purchase order.

(ii) Do not use Optional Form 347, Order for Supplies or Services, or Optional Form 348, Order for Supplies or Services Schedule—Continuation.

(iii) Use Standard Form 30, Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract, to—

(A) Modify a purchase order; or

(B) Cancel a unilateral purchase order.