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Change Number: DFARS PGI Change 05/30/2024
Effective Date: 05/30/2024

PGI 206.202 Establishing or maintaining alternative sources.

PGI 206.202 Establishing or maintaining alternative sources.

(b)(i) Include the following information, as applicable, and any other information that may be pertinent, in the supporting documentation:

(A) The acquisition history of the supplies or services, including sources, prices, quantities, and dates of award.

(B) The circumstances that make it necessary to exclude the particular source from the contract action, including—

(1) The reasons for the lack of or potential loss of alternative sources; e.g., the technical complexity and criticality of the supplies or services; and

(2) The current annual requirement and projected needs for the supplies or services.

(C) Whether the existing source must be totally excluded from the contract action or whether a partial exclusion is sufficient.

(D) The potential effect of exclusion on the excluded source in terms of loss of capability to furnish the supplies or services in the future.

(E) When FAR 6.202(a)(1) is the authority, the basis for—

(1) The determination of future competition; and

(2) The determination of reduced overall costs. Include, as a minimum, a discussion of start-up costs, facility costs, duplicative administration costs, economic order quantities, and life cycle cost considerations.

(F) When FAR 6.202(a)(2) is the authority—

(1) The current annual and mobilization requirements for the supplies or services, citing the source of, or the basis for, the data;

(2) A comparison of current production capacity with that necessary to meet mobilization requirements;

(3) An analysis of the risks of relying on the present source; and

(4) A projection of the time required for a new source to acquire the necessary facilities and achieve the production capacity necessary to meet mobilization requirements.

(ii) The following is a sample format for Determination and Findings citing the authority of FAR 6.202(a):