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Part Number: 919

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

919.7010 Contents of Mentor-Protege Agreement.

The proposed Mentor-Protege Agreement must contain -

(a) Names, addresses and telephone numbers of Mentor and Protege firms and a point of contact within each firm who will oversee the Agreement;

(b) Requirements for the Mentor firm or the Protege firm to notify the other entity, DOE Headquarters OSDBU, and the contracting officer in writing at least 30 days in advance of the Mentor firm's or the Protege firm's intent to voluntarily terminate or withdraw from the Mentor-Protege Agreement (such termination would not terminate any existing subcontract between the Mentor and the Protege);

(c) A description of the form of developmental assistance program that will be provided by the Mentor to the Protege firm, including a description of any subcontract work, and a schedule for providing the assistance and the criteria for evaluation of the Protege's developmental success (919.7011);

(d) A listing of the number and types and estimated amount of subcontracts to be awarded to the Protege firm;

(e) Term of the Agreement;

(f) Procedures to be invoked should DOE terminate its recognition of the Agreement for good cause (such termination of DOE recognition would not constitute a termination of the subcontract between the Mentor and the Protege);

(g) Provision for the Mentor firm to submit to the DOE Mentor-Protege Program Manager a “lessons learned” evaluation developed by the Mentor at the conclusion of the Mentor-Protege Agreement;

(h) Provision for the submission by the Protege firm of a “lessons learned” evaluation to the DOE Mentor-Protege Program Manager at the conclusion of the Mentor-Protege Agreement;

(i) Description of how the development assistance will potentially increase subcontracting opportunities for the Protege firm;

(j) Provision for the Mentor firm to brief the DOE Mentor-Protege Program Manager, the technical program manager(s), and the contracting officer at the conclusion of each year in the Mentor-Protege Program regarding program accomplishments as pertains to the approved Agreement (where possible, this review may be incorporated into the normal program review for the Mentor's contract);

(k) Recognition that costs incurred by a Mentor to provide developmental assistance, as described in 919.7011, are allowable only to the extent that they are incurred in performance of a contract identified in the Mentor-Protege Agreement and are otherwise allowable in accordance with the cost principles applicable to that contract (the DOE Mentor-Protege Program has no appropriation for paying for developmental assistance); and

(l) Other terms and conditions, as appropriate.