Part Number: Part 1346

Commerce Acquisition Regulations


Subpart 1346.4 - Government Contract Quality Assurance

1346.401 General.

Agency procedures for documenting government inspection are set forth under Subpart 1346.6.

Subpart 1346.5 - Acceptance

1346.503 Place of acceptance.

Insert a clause substantially similar to 1352.246-70, Place of Acceptance, in contracts and solicitations to indicate where the acceptance of supplies and/or services will take place.

Subpart 1346.6 - Material Inspection and Receiving Reports

1346.601 General.

Each DOC operating unit shall develop instructions and procedures regarding material inspection and receiving reports as appropriate.

Subpart 1346.7 - Warranties

1346.704 Authority for use of warranties.

Contracting officers are authorized to approve the use of warranties.

1346.705 Limitations.

Warranties in cost reimbursement contracts are authorized.

1346.710 Contract clauses.

The warranty clauses and alternates under FAR Subpart 46.710 may be used in solicitations and contracts.