Part Number: Part 1332

Commerce Acquisition Regulations


1332.003 Simplified acquisition procedures financing.

Contract financing may be provided for purchases made under the authority of FAR Part 13. Contract financing shall be made in accordance with FAR Part 32.

1332.006 Reduction or suspension of contract payments under finding of fraud.

1332.006-1 General.

The designee authorized to exercise the responsibility to reduce or suspend contract payments is set forth in CAM 1301.70.

1332.006-3 Responsibilities.

DOC personnel shall immediately report to the Office of Inspector General any apparent or suspected instances where a contractor's request for advance, partial or progress payments is based on fraud in accordance with DAO 207-10, Inspector General Investigations.

1332.006-4 Procedures.

(a) The Agency Head as described under 1332.006-4 is set forth in CAM 1301.70.

(b) The Office of Inspector General shall perform the function of the Remedy Coordination Official.

1332.006-5 Reporting.

In accordance with 41 U.S.C. 255, the head of an agency shall prepare a report for each fiscal year in which a recommendation has been received pursuant to FAR 32.006-4(a).

Subpart 1332.1 - Non-Commercial Item Purchase Financing

1332.114 Unusual contract financing.

The designee authorized to approve unusual contract financing arrangements is set forth in CAM 1301.70.

Subpart 1332.2 - Commercial Item Purchase Financing

1332.201 Statutory authority.

Payment for commercial items may be made under such terms and conditions as the designee authorized in CAM 1301.70 determines are appropriate or customary in the commercial marketplace and are in the best interest of the United States.

1332.202 General.

1332.202-1 Policy.

The designee authorized to approve unusual contract financing is set forth in CAM 1301.70.

Subpart 1332.4 - Advance Payments for Non-Commercial Items

1332.402 General.

(a) Advanced payment may be authorized for contracts, other than those at FAR 32.403(a) and (b), only if other types of financing are not reasonably available to the contractor in adequate amounts.

(b) The designee authorized to determine when advance payment is in the public interest or facilitates national defense is set forth in CAM 1301.70.

1332.404 Exclusions.

Advance payments may be authorized for items listed in FAR 32.404(a).

1332.407 Interest.

The designee authorized to approve advance payment without interest is as set forth in CAM 1301.70.

Subpart 1332.5 - Progress Payments Based on Costs

1332.501 General.

1332.501-2 Unusual progress payments.

The designee authorized to approve a contractor's request for unusual progress payments is set forth in CAM 1301.70.

Subpart 1332.7 - Contract Funding

1332.702 Policy.

Contracting officers shall obtain assurances of available funds only from properly authorized designated certifying officers in accordance with Part 4, Section 1110 of the Treasury Financial Manual.

1332.702-70 Forms.

Contracting officers must obtain an electronic or hardcopy procurement request form on which the availability of adequate funds have been certified by a designated certifying officer. This form must have the name of the certifying official and the certified available funds, as well as the technical and other specifications of the request, administrative approvals, clearances, and information for processing payment.

Subpart 1332.8 - Assignment of Claims

1332.802 Conditions.

The designee authorized to receive the written notice of assignment is set forth in CAM 1301.70.

Subpart 1332.9 - Prompt Payment

1332.903 Responsibilities.

The designee authorized to establish Prompt Payment policies and procedures is set forth in CAM 1301.70.

1332.906 Making payments.

The designee authorized to allow invoice payments earlier than 7 days prior to the due date as specified in the contract is set forth in CAM 1301.70.

Subpart 1332.11 - Electronic Funds Transfer

1332.1108 Payment by Governmentwide commercial purchase card.

Use of the Governmentwide commercial purchase card is subject to the requirements of the FAR, other internal Departmental policies, as well as operating unit policies and procedures related to the purchase card. All purchases made with the purchase card must comply with all procedures and documentation requirements that apply to the procurement action.