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Part Number: 1313

Commerce Acquisition Regulations


Subpart 1313.1 - Procedures

1313.106 Soliciting competition, evaluation of quotations or offers, award and documentation.

1313.106-2-70 Evaluation of solicitations.

All solicitations using simplified acquisition procedures in FAR Part 13 must include provision 1352.213-70, Evaluation Utilizing Simplified Acquisition Procedures, or similar language setting out evaluation criteria.

Subpart 1313.2 - Actions At or Below the Micro Purchase Threshold

1313.201 General.

DOC employees, other than warranted contracting officers, must be delegated micro-purchase authority by the designee set forth in CAM 1301.70 according to FAR 1.603-3(b), and must be trained pursuant to CAM 1313.301.

Subpart 1313.3 - Simplified Acquisitions Methods

1313.301 Governmentwide commercial purchase card.

The Department's procedures for the use and control of the Governmentwide commercial purchase card are set forth in CAM 1313.301.

1313.302 Purchase orders.

1313.302-1-70 Non-commercial purchase orders.

Insert provision 1352.213-71, Instructions for Submitting Quotations under the Simplified Acquisition Threshold - Non-Commercial, or similar language in all solicitations for non-commercial purchase orders under the simplified acquisition threshold. The contracting officer shall indicate whether electronic submissions of quotations will be accepted. Paragraph (b)(4) of provision 1352.213-71 may be tailored based on the evaluation factors.

1313.302-3 Obtaining contractor acceptance and modifying purchase orders.

A contractor's written acceptance of a purchase order modification is required, unless the contracting officer determines otherwise.

1313.303 Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs).

1313.303-5 Purchases under BPAs.

(a) Individual purchases shall not exceed the simplified acquisition threshold, subject to the following:

(1) The limitations for individual purchases against BPAs established against Federal Supply Schedule contracts shall be those set forth in the terms and conditions of the schedule contract.

(2) The limitations for individual purchases for commercial item acquisitions against BPAs established under FAR Subpart 13.5 “Test Program for Certain Commercial Items” is the simplified acquisition threshold set forth in FAR Subpart 13.5.

1313.305 Imprest funds and third party drafts.

1313.305-1 General.

(a) Third-party drafts. Third-party drafts are not authorized for use by Department of Commerce agencies.

(b) Imprest Funds. The Imprest Fund Policy Directive, issued November 9, 1999, by the Department of Treasury, required that all Federal agencies eliminate agency use of imprest funds by October 1, 2001, except where provided under the Imprest Fund Policy Directive. Requests for exceptions to the requirements of the Imprest Fund Policy Directive should be addressed to DOC's Director of Financial Management. In the case of an approved exception, DOC's procedures for using imprest funds can be found in the Cash Management Policies and Procedures Handbook, available at the Department of Commerce, Office of Financial Management Web site. A copy of all approved exceptions shall be submitted to the Senior Bureau Procurement Official.